A full service compact CRT designed for clubs, pubs and hotels.

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A Secure Full Service Solution


The Next Payments Mini CRT is the most compact, yet efficient unit on the market. It provides ticket redemption for cash, breaks bank notes and can be integrated with your venues loyalty card platform.
In addition, the unit monitors and certifies all transactions, maintains an audit trail, protects cash in a secure safe and is supported by the Next Payments 24/7 help desk, ensuring total security and reliability.

  • Ticket & Card Redemption & Issuing
  • Remote Management Software
  • Small Footprint Designed For Pubs and Small Clubs
  • 24/7 Support
  • Increase Security
  • Easy To Use For Both Customers & Staff
  • 2-4 Cassettes with 500 Note Capacity
Download the Mini CashIO PDF