About us

Next Payments is New Zealand’s fastest growing payments company, lead by a team of highly experience executives. This experience allows economies of learning to be a fundamental pillar of Next Payments business growth and success, and enhances the company’s core competency within the payments sector.

Macquarie Group is a significant investor in Next Payments, and provide security and corporate governance.

Next Payments product portfolio includes ATMs, eftpos, loyalty cards, cash recyclers and Sendrato; a revolutionary wrist band technology which facilitates payments and event entry, whilst collecting big data for marketing.


Having a deep understanding of your customer base is paramount to success, and Next Payments strive to be a connected partner with their clients, not merely a supplier.

Next Payments are innovative – at the forefront of the payments market. The company continues to innovate with further technologies that revolutionise the payments marketplace.

Welcome to Next Payments.

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