Next Payments


The Next Payments Cash Redemption Terminal range transcends others on the market. Customers will enjoy the clear user interface, quick transactions and reliability. Each model includes reliable components, which makes it ideal for gaming venues, casinos and other busy sites.

Your venue’s perfect ticketing solution

Next Payments’ CRT Gold and CRT Mini are the most efficient CRTs on the market. The units provide ticket redemption for cash, break bank notes, and can be integrated with your venue’s loyalty card platform. Our CRTs installed at casinos have TITO enabled.

In addition, the units monitor and certify all transactions, maintaining an audit trail, and protecting cash in a secure safe, while being supported by Next Payments’ New Zealand 24/7 help desk, ensuring total security and reliability.

CashIO Gold

Improve your customer experience with a stylish CashIO Gold. CashIO Gold features market leading solutions for quick and reliable transactions.

Mini CashIO

New Zealand’s most compact and efficient Cash Redemption Terminal, which has a sophisticated range of features.

CashIO Gold

UL291 Safe

24” Touch Screen

Holds up to 2,000 notes and 1,500 coins

Self aligning ticket and note acceptor

Mini CashIO

Increased security

21” touch screen

Holds up to 2,000 notes and 750 coins

Self-aligning ticket and note acceptor